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Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30 Mock Draft

1. St Louis Rams- Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame, 6-3, 220 lbs- Once again the Rams are picking at the top of the draft. Suh is the better prospect but without a good QB all the position players in the world will not matter.

2. Detroit Lions- Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska, 6-4, 302 lbs- The best player in the draft lands in the lap of the Lions. Best interior lineman prospect in years. Dominent agains both the pass and run and a perfect fit in a 4-3 defense.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma, 6-4, 296 lbs- 2nd best defensive tackle falls to the Bucs. Can rush the passer and make an impact in the backfield

4. Washington Redksins- Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma-6-4, 220 lbs- This will depend on how Bradford's should checks out. Skins need an accurate quarterback with a quick release. I believe the Skins will bring back Campbell for next year so Bradford gets a full year to learn the system

5. Kansas City Chiefs- Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State, 6-5, 302 lbs The chiefs were among the worst in the league in sacks allowed. There are many possibilities they could go here with weakness at a lot of positions.

6. Seattle Seahawks-Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers,6-6, 322 lbs- Walter Jones is nearing the end of his career and with Bradford and Clausen off the board the Seahawks move to address this critical position.

7. Cleveland Browns- Joe Haden, CB, Florida, 5-10, 202 lbs- An outstanding athlete with good size, excellent speed and impressive strength, Haden not only excels in coverage but he is also very physical and a willing tackler.

8. Oakland Raiders- Jason Pierre -Paul, DE, South Florida -6-6, 265lbs- The Raiders usually pick major reaches with their selections. I see no reason this year will be any different. Pierre Paul has excellent potential as a complete defensive end with amazing pass rush capabilities but he also might be more a workout player, who's measurables don't translate into sucess on the football field.

9. Buffalo Bills-Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa, 6-6, 312 lbs- Last years departure of Jason Peters makes left tackle a real need. Bulaga is a perfect fit to play left tackle in the cold of Buffalo

10. Denver Broncos ( From Chicago) -Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State, 6-2, 220 lbs- The possible departure of Brandon Marshall makes this a logical pick. Not great speed but very elusive.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars- Eric Berry, S, Tennessee- 5-11, 195 lbs- 4.4 speed, great ball instincts. The best safety prospect to come out since Sean Taylor.

12. Miami Dolphins- Rolando McClain,LB, Alabama, 6-4, 249 lbs- The fins run to the podium and take the best linebacker in the draft. Fills a need as Channing Crowder has had injuries.

13. San Francisco 49ers- Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida, 6-6, 290lbs- This is a good fit for the 3-4 defense the 49ers run. A reach pick but Dunlap has very high potential.

14. Seattle Seahawks( From Denver) -Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech, 6-4, 270lbs- The seahawks has only 28 sacks last year and Patrick Kerney seems to be breaking down. Morgan is an excellent pass rusher and a good fit in a 4-3 defense.

15 . NY Giants-Brian Price, DT, UCLA, 6-2, 305lbs- It is blatently evident the Giants need an upgrade in their interior line. Price has 7 sacks last year and 23 tackles for loss. Perfect fit for the Giants defense.

16. Tennessee Titans- Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan- 6-2, 270 lbs- This players is rising up the draft charts. fills a need for the Titans

17. San Francisco 49ers- Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland-6-7, 310lbs- Fills a need for the 49ers. Could upside and value in the middle of the 1st round.

18. Pittsburgh- Earl Thomas, S, Texas- 5-10, 195 lbs- Ryan Clark will be a free agent. Thomas doesn’t have great size but he is very athletic and rangy with a nose for the ball and a real playmaking streak, which is something the Steelers secondary could certainly use.

19. Atlanta Falcons- Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri-6-2, 245 lbs- Sean Weatherspoon isn’t spectacular, but he is very consistent and will be a solid pick. Mike Peterson is getting older, but is still serviceable. Weatherspoon will provide a steady defender for Mike Smith and his defense.

20. Houston Texas- Donovan Warren, CB, Michigan- 6-0, 185 lbs- 4.4 speed, 4 intereceptions last year. Texans could also go DT at this spot.

21. Cincinnati Bengals- Jermain Greshem, TE, Oklahoma-6-5, 252 lbs- Bengals could also go wide-receiver. They have not had a marquee tight end for quite some time.

22. New England-Jerry Hughes, DE-OLB, TCU-6-2, 255 lbs- The Patriots are getting old. Thomas has not worked out well for the Patriots so they will look for his replacement.

23. Green Bay-Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma- 6-5, 322 lbs- The pack needs to protect better and get younger on the offensive line.

24. Philadelphia Eagles- Sergio Kindle, LB, Texas- 6-4, 242 lbs- I think he's a complete linebacker and I don't buy the nonsense that he is good for a 3-4 defense only.

25. Baltimore- Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois- 6-2, 214 lbs- Mason will likely retire and the Ravens need a big target for their passing game.

26. Arizona-Mike Lupati, OG, Idaho, 6-5, 330 lbs- Kurt Warner retired. My advice would be to get some better protection for Matt Leinert. This will also help the running game.

27. Dallas Cowboys -Vladimir Ducasse, OT, Massachusetts- 6-5, 330 lbs- sleeper pick can play guard and eventually shift to one of the tackle postions.

28. San Diego Chargers- Terrence Cody, NT, Alabama- 6-5, 370 lbs- Massive tackle fills major need for the Chargers with the injury and age issues to Jamal Williams. Hopefully he won't run his 40 with his shirt off.

29. New York Jets-Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame- 5-11, 197 lbs- Speedy receiver will help in the development of Marc Sanchez.

30. Minnesota Vikings- Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee- 6-3, 321 lbs- makes perfect sense with the possible retirement of Pat Williams.

31. New Orleans-Everson Griffen, DE, USC- 6-3, 280 lbs- Charles Grant is getting up in age and might not be back next year. Saints could also go for a defensive back

32. Indianapolis Colts- Jared Odrick, DT, Penn State- 6-5, 309 lbs- The Colts keep trying to adress this position but so far it has not worked out well. Odrick is a complete player who always gives high effort.

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