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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Who Says you can't go home?

Details are sketchy at this point as to what happened at Marvin Harrison's businesses at 28th and Cambria and 25th and Thompson in North Philadelphia this past week. Marvin Harrison apparantly owns the Playmakers night club and Chuckie's garage where an incident at the night club spilled over into a shooting at the garage where a man was shot in the hand and a child injured by shattered glass from the shooting. According to authorities the gun is owned by Indianpolis star receiver Marvin Harrison but it is unclear who was the shooter.

Marvin Harrison might be completely guilt free in the shooting but I can't help but ask why in the world would a multi millionaire invest his money in these types of businesses in North Philadelphia. The last thing this section of the city of brotherly love needs is a nightclub and a shady looking garage. These two entities give absolutely nothing back to the community. Would it be too much to ask that Marvin simply buy a big house in an Indianapolis suburb and invest his money in Exxon or some nice tax free municipal bonds? An offseason spent golfing and or fishing would be far more stress free and trouble free than going home to run a bar and garage in a North Philadelphia slum. But " who says you can't go home?"