Editorial comments concerning the greatest sport on the planet. American style tackle football!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 4 Thoughts

1. Well, Well, the " darlings of the NFL " lost to the Washington Redskins. The little fairy tail the sports media has with the Dallas Cowboys just lost some of its luster. The pregame " yuck fest " between Terry Bradshaw and Tony Romo was naseauting, to say the least.

2. As usual, it all unravels for T.O. when he loses. No less than 20 times did the Cowpokes attempt a pass in T.O.'s direction. Yet T.O. says he is unhappy with his " limited role " in the Cowboy's offense. They only had 60 offensive plays and one third of those attempts went to Owens.

3. What is up with NFL receivers? Every friggin time the defensive back makes a good play and deflects the ball away the receivers are looking around for a flag.

4. The Rams fired coach Scott Linehan. What this will accomplish in midseason is beyond me. If the replacement coach loses too does he get fired? If anything I think teams that do this struggle to find a quality coach because there is reluctance to take a job where the ownership won't give a full 5 years to suceed.

5. What is with these throwback uniforms? The Jets uniforms were thrown back so far that the jerseys commemorated a time when they weren't the Jets they were the Titans. Apparantly the Jets were the NY Titans in 1960 with the old American Football League.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The officiating in Week 2 of the NFL had some major breakdowns. Ed Hochuli blew his whistle on what he thought was a incomplete forward pass but to the average fan in the stands or at home it was an obvious fumble. In Norv Turner's mind it cost him a win against Denver. Bottom line is that had San Diego stopped Denver on the 2 point play they would have won. But the greater point is why does such an obvious mistake happen? Have the referees become so dependent upon instant replay that attention to detail has been lost? A a few game suspension without pay should be in order for Hochuli. Double secret probation just doesn't cut it.

Then on Monday night Eagles receiver Greg Lewis grabs the jersey of Dallas cornerback Anthony Henry yet Henry draws the interference flag. In week one Plaxico Burress pushes off Fred Smoot and the refs throw a flag on Smoot. In both cases the offenses had the ball 1st and goal on the one yard line. It's early, but I have never seen the officiating this bad.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My 2008 Predictions

AFC East
New England Patriots- 11-5- They could make another run at a perfect season. This team is one of the best teams ever assembled. As long as Brady stays healthy( big question mark considering it is now reported that Tom Brady has a broken foot ) the team is a lock to make the playoffs. Randy Moss and Wes Welker should be poised for another big year. I like their draft picks of Jerod Mayo and Shawn Crable for a youth infusion in the linebacking corps. But their secondary is suspect

New York Jets-10-6- The aquisition of Brett Farve makes them immediatly better. The left side of the offensive line should be dominant with D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Alen Faneca. But the running game is suspsect with Thomas Jones averaging just 3.6 yards a carry last season.

Buffalo Bills- 7-9-If Trent Edwards continues to develope this team could suprise. There was a big injection of talent from free agency and the draft. DT Marcus Stroud and LB Kawika Mitchell upgrade the defense. Look for 2nd round draft pick James Hardy to make an immediate impact

Miami Dolphins-3-13- They just don't have the talent to be a playoff contender. Chad Pennington could help and if Ricky Williams can recapture his old form the team might win 8 games.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers- 11-5- Ben Rothlisberger makes this team one of the contenders. Solid but not spectacular in all facets of the game. Look for rookie Rashard Mendenhall to make some immediate impact

Cincinnati Bengals- 8-8- Chad Johnson is another year older and the defense is going to stink

Cleveland Browns-8-8- This team way over paid in terms of money and draft compensation for Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams. Derek Anderson hasn't sold me as their starter.

Baltimore Ravens- 1-15- Their quarterback situation is a debacle and Ray Lewis has been the same player for the last several years.

AFC South

Indianapolis-12-4- Peyton Manning is one of the best. The offense is impressive but the defense is lackluster.

Jacksonville Jaguars- 11-5-This team could make a push for the Superbowl. Solid all around team could make a push to the Superbowl

Houston Texans- 9-7-A Realy up and coming team. The defensive line should be strong with the continued developement of Mario Williams and Amobi Okoye

Tennessee Titans- 6-10- As long as Jeff Fisher is there they should be competitive. But this team has zero receivers.

AFC West

San Diego Chargers- 13-3 Tons of talent at most every position. Norv Turner is usually a below average game day coach though.

Denver Broncos- 8-8- This team will go as far as Jay Cutler will take them. There is some talent here but the defensive line is average at best

Oakland Raiders- 6-10- They could suprise if Darren McFadden develops but bottom line is there are more question marks than answers. The free agents they brought in are ridiculous considering they money they shelled out.

Kansas City Chiefs- 2-14- Only because Herm Edwards is coach to do they even muster 2 wins. Brodie Croyle is simply not starting material in the NFL. Larry Johnson looks to rebound from an injury plagued 2007 season.

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles- 10-6- This kills me to predict the Eagles finishing first but they seem to have the whole package on offense and defense as they enter the season. This team will go as far as McNabb will take them. If Donovan gets hurt again then all bets are off on them winning more than 5 games. Aging tackle tandem of Runyan and William " Tra" Thomas is getting up in age.

New York Giants- 9-7- The loss of Umenyiora will hurt but remember the Giants still have Kiwanuka and Justin Tuck. This team will be tough but expect a small decline after last years Superbowl

Dallas Cowboys- 7-9- This is the most overrated team in the league. Terrell Owens will turn 35 years old during the season and Patrick Crayton just isn't that good. Tony Romo's fumbling and Andre Gurodes high snaps will cost them games.

Washington Redskins- 6-10- The offensive line and Jason Campbell has been shaky in preseason and the Redskins just demoted Jon Jansen to 2nd string in favor of Stephon Heyer. The pass rush could be better if Jason Taylor can recover quickly from knee surgery. New coach and new system will be an adjustment for the offense.

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings- 9-7- Their sucess is going to depend upon improved play by Tavaris Jackson. Additions of Bernard Berrian and Jared Allen will improve them on both sides of the ball

Detroit Lions- 7-9-Calvin Johnson should improve. With Roy Williams and veteran Jon Kitna they should score some points but the defense is suspect.

Green Bay Packers-6-10- So long Brett Farve. Hello Aaron Rogers and a 6-10 season. There is some talent so if Rogers can adapt they can be a winning team.

Chicago Bears- 5-11- Unresolved QB situation leads to another losing season. Aging defense can no longer get it done. Kyle Orton doesn't convince me this team can surprise anyone.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints-12-4-Saints make a rebound with Drew Brees and company. Defense gets a lift with the additions of Sedrick Ellis and Jonathan Vilma. Could be the NFC
's Superbowl representative

Carolin Panthers 9-7- Julies Peppers rebounds in his contract year and is a force along the defensive line. Return of Jake Delhomme brings high hopes. Look for rookie Jonathan Stewart to make an immediate impact

Tampa Bay Buccanears- 8-8- Aging defense is going to cost them and Jeff Garcia's best years are behind them. Health of Cadillac Williams is a concern

Atlanta Falcons-2-14- Matt Ryan might become a great Quarterback but that isn't going to happen this year. Offensive Line is a big concern. Roddy White one of the few bright spots on an otherwise dreadfull team.

NFC West

Seattle Seahawks-11-5- Matt Hasselbeck is one of the premier quarterbacks in the NFC and the biggest reason this team consistantly wins. The defense is solid. Only concern is the running game

St.Louis Rams-7-9- If Steven Jackson and Marc Bulger are healthy this team could surpise. Rookie Chris Long should help the defensive line

Arizona Cardinals- 6-10-Every year this team is a pundits pick as the surprise team. On paper they should be better yet they continue to disappoint. The future rests on the shoulders of Matt Leinert.

San Francisco 49ers-3-13- No quarterback and below average receivers equals a debacle of a season. Somehow they justified Justin Smith's 2 sacks last year with huge contract and over 20 million guaranteed. Last year they made cornerback Nate Clements the highest paid defensive player. Returns on their big spending have been less than stellar