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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mock Draft 2009

Now that the juniors have declared and the most of the playoffs are over a more accurate mock draft is possible.

1. Detroit Lions- Matt Stafford-QB-Georgia-6-3 228 lbs. Completed 61% of his passes his senior season while throwing for over 3400 yards with 25 touchdowns and just 10 interceptions

2. St Louis Rams- Eugene Monroe-OT-Virginia-6-6-315 lbs. Former top recruit out of High School. Monroe was the reason last years first round draft pick, Branden Albert, was playing guard. Protypical size with long arms. Great in pass protenction

3. Kansas City Chiefs- Mark Sanchez-QB-USC-6-3-225 lbs. Threw for 34 touchdowns last season and over 3200 yards. Strong arm who arguably could be selected number one overall. I don't buy that the Chiefs are set with Tyler Thigpen so I think they will opt for the franchise QB

4. Seattle Seahawks-Michael Crabtree-WR-Techas Tech-6-3-214 lbs 4.55 forty. Put up over 90 receptions in each of the last two years. 18 touchdowns as a Junior, 22 as a sophomore. Could post a much better 40 time at the combine.

5. Cleveland Browns-Rey Maualuga-LB-USC-6-2-260lbs-4.70 forty- excellent size with a nasty demeanor. Perfect for as an inside linebacker in a 3-4 defense

6. Cincinnati Bengals-Aaron Curry-LB-Wake Forest-6-3-247lbs-4.55 forty. Won the Butkus award as the coutry's top college linebacker. 105 tackes his senior season. 16 tackles for loss. Extremely versatile linbacker with the size and speed to pass rush or drop in coverage

7. Oakland Raiders-Andre Smith-OT-Alabama-6-4-330lbs-Dominating run blocker and fills a glarind need for the Raiders.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars-Jason Smith-OT-Baylor-6-5-305 lbs. 4 year starter in the Big 12. Excels in pass protection.

9. Green Bay Packers-Malcolm Jenkins-CB-Ohio State-6-1-200 lbs. 4.4 forty. Great size and speed to be a shutdown corner for the next decade.

10. San Francisco 49ers-Jeremy Macklin-WR-Missouri-6-1-200 lbs. 4.45 forty. 102 receptions for over 1200 yards last season. Had 13 touchdowns. If Sanchez is available with this pick though they will go QB.

11.Buffalo Bills-Brandon Pettigrew-TE-Oklahoma State-6-6-260-4.7 forty- The entire tight end package. Can catch and block. Had some off-field issues that might drop his stock but based on pure talent he is a great tight end prospect.

12. Denver Broncos-Brian Orapko-DE-Texas-6-4-260 lbs.4.7 forty. 11.5 sacks and 19 tackles for loss last season. Could use about 20 more lbs of weight. Terrific athlete who should be a double digit sacker in the NFL.

13. Washington Redskins-BJ Raji-DT-Boston College-6-1 323lbs 5.15 forty. 8 sacks and 16 tackles for loss last season.

14. New Orleans Saints-James Laurinaitis-LB-Ohio State-6-3-240lbs-4.6 forty- Good size and speed. 3 year starter for Ohio State and posted over 115 tackles in each of this last three seasons.

15. Houston Texans-Vontae Davis-CB-Illinois-6-0-204 lbs. 4.40 forty. Excellent size and speed. should be an immediate starter.

16. San Diego Chargers- Michael Oher-OT-Ole Miss-6-5-318lbs- 4 year starter in the SEC. Has some downside risk but if he has the passion for the game he'll be a pro bowler.

17. New York Jets-Everette Brown-DE-Florida State-6-4-252lbs- 4.65 forty. 13.5 sacks and 21.5 tackles for loss as a senior. But the Florida State defensive linemane have a poor track record in the NFL

18. Chicago Bears-Chris Wells-RB-Ohio State-6-1-237lbs-4.5 forty. Big and relatively fast. Fills a major need. Over 1000 yards in each of the last two seasons.

19. Tampa Bay Buccanears-Darrius Heyward-Bey-WR-Maryland-6-3-206 lbs. 4.40 forty. Great size and speed should help the Bucs offense.

20. Detroit Lions-Aaron Maybin-DE-Penn State-6-4-245lbs 4.55 forty. 12 sacks last season and a ton of upside for this early entry to the draft. Long arms and is still growing into his body. Could be a 270lb terror in two years.

21. Minnesota Vikings-Alex Mack-C-California-6-4-316lbs. As good a center prospect in quite some time. With Matt Birk aging and headed to free agency this pick makes sense.

22. New England Patriots-William Moore-S-Missouri-6-1-230lbs. 4.50 forty. Good hands. Had 8 interceptions as a junior. Fills need with the aging Rodney Harrison.

23. Atlanta Falcons-Jeria Perry-DT-Ole Miss-6-2-290lbs. 5.0 forty. Had 6 sacks and 17 tackels as a senior. Fills an area of need for the Falcons.

24. Miami Dolphins-Brian Cushing-LB-USC-6-3-255lbs. 4.65 forty. Just a great all around linebacker. Tough and intense. They type of player Parcells likes.

25.Baltimore Ravens-Alphons Smith-CB-Wake Forest. 5-9-185lbs. 4.40 forty. 7 interceptions as a senior. Fills need with the injuries to Chris McAlister.

26. Indianapolis Colts-Evander Hood-DT-Missouri-6-4-295lbs. 5.0 forty. Five sacks and 7 tackles for loss as a senior. Non stop motor

27. Philadelphia Eagles( from Carolina)-Knowshon Moreno-RB-Georgia-5-11-210 lbs.4.45 forty. Bit of a larger back than Westbrook. Also good at catching the ball out of the backfield.

28. New York Giants-Clint Stinim-LB-Virginia-6-3-245lbs-4.70 forty. 11 sacks and 13 tackles for loss as a senior

29. Tennessee Titans-Percy Harvin-WR-Florida-5-11-195-4.35 forty- averaged over 16 yards per catch last season and 7 touchdowns. need pick and good value at this point in the draft.

30. Philadelphia Eagles-Eben Britton-OT-Arizona-6-6-310lbs. With the aging Tra Thomas and John Runyan nearing the end of their careers this pick makes sense

31. Arizona Cardinals-Lesean McCoy-RB-Pittsburgh-5-11-210-4.45 forty. Ran for over 2800 yards and 35 touchdowns in just two years at Pittsburgh. Also very good out of the backfield catching passes.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers-Duke Robinson-OG-Oklahoma-6-5-335lbs. Stout at the point of attack and fits the mauling personality of the Steelers.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day Mock

First mock of 2009.

1. Detroit Lions-Sam Bradford-QB-Oklahoma

2. St Louis Rams-Andre Smith-OT-Alabama

3. Kansas City Chiefs-Aaron Curry-OLB- Wake Forest

4. Seattle Seahawks-Michael Crabtree-WR-Texas Tech

5. Cleveland Browns-Malcolm Jenkins-CB-Ohio State

6. Cincinnati Bengals-Rey Maualuga-ILB-USC

7. Oakland Raiders-Eugene Monroe-OT-Virginia

8. Jacksonville Jaguars-Michael Oher-OT-Ole Miss

9. Green Bay Packers-Brian Orapko-DE-Green Bay

10. San Francisco 49ers-Matt Stafford-QB-Georgia

11. Buffalo Bills-Brandon Pettigrew-TE-Oklahoma State

12. Denver Broncos-James Laurinaitis-LB-Ohio State

13. Washington Redskins-BJ Raji-DT-Boston College

14. New Orleans Saints-Vontae Davis-CB-Illinois

15. Houston Texans-Taylor Mays-S-USC

16. San Diego Chargers-Jeria Perry-DT-Ole Miss

17. New York Jets-Chris Wells-RB-Ohio State

18. Chicago Bears-Jason Smith-OT-Baylor

19. Tampa Bay Buccanears-William Monroe-S-Missouri

20. Detroit Lions( From Dallas )Knowshon Moreno-RB-Georgia

21. Arizona Cardinals-Brian Cushing-LB-USC

22. Philadelphia Eagles-Alex Mack-C-California

23. Minnesota Vikings-Alphonso Smith-CB-Wake Forest

24. New England Patriots-Michael Johnson-DE-Georgia Tech

25. Atlanta Falcons-Tyson Jackson-DE-LSU

26. Miami Dolphins-Duke Robinson-OG-Oklahoma

27. Baltimore Ravens-Clint Sintim-OLB-Virginia

28. Phiadelphia Eagles( From Carolina)James Merideth-OT-South Carolina

29. Indianapolis Colts-Evander Hood-DT-Missouri

30. New York Giants-Terrance Cody-DT-Alabama

31. Pittsburgh Steelers-Phil Loadholt-OT-Oklahoma

32. Tennesee Titans-Darrius Heyward-Bey-WR-Maryland