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Monday, November 24, 2008

Week 12 Thoughts

Well, I think we have found out that the Titans are not necessarily the best team in the AFC. While journeymen quarterbacks do win SuperbowlS like Trent Dilfer it usually only happens in a year where the rest of the league has unsettled quarterback issues. Kerry Collins and the his supporting cast are only good enough to beat most, but not all teams in the NFL. Come playoff time look for the Titans to make an early exit.

The Eagle faithful never really liked Andy Reid or Donovan McNabb and now it appears as though the fans are near the end of an era. Neither man is capable of showing emotion and the Philly fans cannot stand that. Buddy Ryan was one of the worst game day coaches in the playoffs but because he wore his heart on his sleeve he was embraced by the city. To the fans of Philadelphia I would say .. careful what you wish for. The Eagles earned the right to draft McNabb in 1999 because after the 1998 season they were the 2nd worst team in the NFL. How soon the fans forget.

The Giants are dominant. Proving once again that in order to go on a 4 to 8 year playoff run you have to draft well. And the Giants are loaded with players who are home grown and still young.