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Saturday, December 13, 2008

BCS nonsense

There are 9 teams that have 1 loss or are undefeated among the top 10 in College Football. While the Bowl Championship series was a good way to insure the number one team played the number 2 team it does not work so well when all the top teams have one loss. Who is to say the best team in the country isn't the winner of the Rose Bowl matchup between USC and Penn State? College football needs a playoff system in the worst way. They can still be called bowls with all the corporate naming rights but a playoff bracket needs to created so that the top team can truly win on the field instead of being at the mercy of their schedule and computer.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Week 12 Thoughts

Well, I think we have found out that the Titans are not necessarily the best team in the AFC. While journeymen quarterbacks do win SuperbowlS like Trent Dilfer it usually only happens in a year where the rest of the league has unsettled quarterback issues. Kerry Collins and the his supporting cast are only good enough to beat most, but not all teams in the NFL. Come playoff time look for the Titans to make an early exit.

The Eagle faithful never really liked Andy Reid or Donovan McNabb and now it appears as though the fans are near the end of an era. Neither man is capable of showing emotion and the Philly fans cannot stand that. Buddy Ryan was one of the worst game day coaches in the playoffs but because he wore his heart on his sleeve he was embraced by the city. To the fans of Philadelphia I would say .. careful what you wish for. The Eagles earned the right to draft McNabb in 1999 because after the 1998 season they were the 2nd worst team in the NFL. How soon the fans forget.

The Giants are dominant. Proving once again that in order to go on a 4 to 8 year playoff run you have to draft well. And the Giants are loaded with players who are home grown and still young.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Updated Mock -October 25th 2008

With a slightly better guage of the college prospects and a better idea of the draft order I have updated my 2009 mock draft.

1. Detroit Lions- Matt Stafford-QB-Georgia
2. Cincinnati Bengals- Chris Wells-RB-Ohio State
3. Kansas City Chiefs-Tim Tebow-QB-Florida
4. Oakland Raiders-Michael Crabtree-WR-Texas
5. St Louis Rams-Eugene Monroe-T-Virginia
6. Seattle Seahawks-Jeremy Macklin-WR-Missouri
7. San Francisco 49ers-Rey Maualuga-LB-USC
8. Houston Texans-Michael Oher-OT-Mississippi
9. Cleveland Browns-Malcolm Jenkins-CB-Ohio State
10. Detroit Lions-James Laurinaitis-LB-Ohio State
11. Minnesota Vikings-Michael Johnson-DE-Georgia Tech
12. Chicago Bears-Vonte Davis-CB-Illinois
13. Green Bay Packers-Knowshon Moreno-RB-Georgia
14. Baltimore Ravens-Aaron Curry-LB-Wake Forest
15. Miami Dolphins- William Monroe-S-Missouri
16. Philadelphia Eagles-Ciron Black-OT-LSU
17. Jacksonville Jaguars-Darius Heyward-Bey-WR-Maryland
18. San Diego Chargers-Duke Robinson-OG-Oklahoma
19. New Orleans Saints-Tyson Jackson-DE-LSU
20. Denver Broncos-Greg Hardy-DE-Ole Miss
21. Atlanta Falcons-Peria Jerry-DT-Ole Miss
22. Arizona Cardinals-Myron Rolle-S-Florida State
23. Philadelphia Eagles-Brandon Pettigrew-TE-Oklahoma State
24. Pittsburgh Steelers-Phil Landolt-OT-Oklahoma
25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Percy Harvin-WR-Florida
26. Buffalo Bills-Jermaine Gresham-TE-Oklahoma
27. Washington Redskins-Andre Smith-OT-Alabama
28. Indianapolis Colts-Jamon Merideth-OT-South Carolina
29. New England Patriots-Alphonso Smith-CB-Wake Forest
30. New York Jets-Brian Cushing-LB-USC
31. Tennesee Titans-Jeremy Maclin-WR-Missouri
32. New York Giants-Travis Beckam-TE-Wisconsin

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week 7 Thoughts

1. The Dallas Cowboys are in a downward spiral. This is what happens when you have owners who think they are a good GM. Jerry Jones trading a 1st,3rd and 6th round picks for Roy Williams is one of the more idiotic trades you'll ever see. While Roy Williams is a good receiver this Dallas team is not one good receiver away from winning the Superbowl. At this point the cowpokes will be lucky to make the playoffs. Thinking that Pacman Jones would change his ways also smacks of the arrogances that epitimizes Jerry Jones. With Romo out and tough opponents in the 2nd half of the season there could be a total meltdown in Dallas. It should be fun to watch unless you are a Cowboys fans.

2. Kellen Winslow was suspended for critizing his coaches for not having visited him during his stary at the hospital for a staph infection. Don't you just love the pampered pro athlete of today? In the real world a 3 day stay in the hospital for a minor inflictions will typically not get you visitors from your employer. But I guess if you whole life you've been the " star " of the show you have different expectations.

3. Mike Nolan was fired as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Mostly because the drafting of Alex Smith number one overall did not pan out. But I believe that pick was the GM's call. How come the head coach always has to take the fall?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week 6 Thoughts

Surprise, surpise, Pacman Jones is in trouble again. Why any coach or owner would expect this individual to change is beyond me. My guess is that Adam " Pacman " Jones will be packing his bags for good before too long.

The interim coaches were 1-1 this weekend. Were it not for a fluke play before halftime in the Skins-Rams game then the interim coaches would be a whopping 0-2! Why owners think firing a coach in mid-season will improve the team is a great mystery. Too bad the owners can't fire themselves.

The NFC East has been humbled after this weekend. They all lost, except the Eagles. The bloom is certainly off the rose in Dallas as Tony Romo is going to be out for 4 weeks. I guess Dallas will have to find their running game again. Trading a 1st, 3rd, and 6th for Roy Williams is a bit perplexing. This trade reminds me of when the Cowpokes rebuilt their team by trading Herschel Walker for a boat load of draft picks except this time it is the othe way around. These types of trades usually end up hurting the team that lost the player more than it helps the team that aquired the player. We'll see...... that's why they play the games

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Week 5 Thoughts

When you spend Saturday and Sundays either at the sports fields with your kids or watching football on TV you would never know there was an economic meltdown. So thank God for football! Tis a great diversion from current events and the nonsense that is this election season. I was at the Eagle Redskin game this weekend at Lincoln Financial field and all I saw was 65000 people eating and drinking and having a good time. Certainly not like anything you see in those old black and white photos of the great depression. Now onto some football thoughts.

Reggie Bush was not worthy of being the top pick in the draft. He's too much of a gaget player. I think the Saints had much more in mind than a punt returner when they drafted the former Heisman trophy winner.

Once again the receivers are looking for pass interference calls when they don't catch the football. Is there a flag for being a whiny wide receiver?

The Washington Redskins are just ruining the media's little lovefest for the Eagles and the Cowboys. At 4-1 and with all their road games over their next three opponants are a combined 1-11.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Al Davis

The Autumn wind used to be an Oakland Raider. Now it's just the laughing-stock that the Oakland Raider franchise has become thanks to " owner " Al Davis. The press conference that Al Davis conducted yesterday was embarrassing at so many levels. For Al Davis to air all the dirty laundry between himself and former coach Lane Kiffin was tedious and ticky tack. The bottom line is that Al Davis is the guy who has had 6 different coaches in the last 5 years. At some point does he not look into the mirror and see what the problem is? If Lane Kiffin is at any fault, it is that he accepted the job in the first place. I don't fault Tom Crable for accepting the position of interim coach. What else is Crable to do at this point? But what happens next year? Who in their right mind would accept a head coaching position or any position with the Raider franchise? The fallout from Al Davis' press conference is untold. It could be a decade before we see this NFL franchise restored.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 4 Thoughts

1. Well, Well, the " darlings of the NFL " lost to the Washington Redskins. The little fairy tail the sports media has with the Dallas Cowboys just lost some of its luster. The pregame " yuck fest " between Terry Bradshaw and Tony Romo was naseauting, to say the least.

2. As usual, it all unravels for T.O. when he loses. No less than 20 times did the Cowpokes attempt a pass in T.O.'s direction. Yet T.O. says he is unhappy with his " limited role " in the Cowboy's offense. They only had 60 offensive plays and one third of those attempts went to Owens.

3. What is up with NFL receivers? Every friggin time the defensive back makes a good play and deflects the ball away the receivers are looking around for a flag.

4. The Rams fired coach Scott Linehan. What this will accomplish in midseason is beyond me. If the replacement coach loses too does he get fired? If anything I think teams that do this struggle to find a quality coach because there is reluctance to take a job where the ownership won't give a full 5 years to suceed.

5. What is with these throwback uniforms? The Jets uniforms were thrown back so far that the jerseys commemorated a time when they weren't the Jets they were the Titans. Apparantly the Jets were the NY Titans in 1960 with the old American Football League.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The officiating in Week 2 of the NFL had some major breakdowns. Ed Hochuli blew his whistle on what he thought was a incomplete forward pass but to the average fan in the stands or at home it was an obvious fumble. In Norv Turner's mind it cost him a win against Denver. Bottom line is that had San Diego stopped Denver on the 2 point play they would have won. But the greater point is why does such an obvious mistake happen? Have the referees become so dependent upon instant replay that attention to detail has been lost? A a few game suspension without pay should be in order for Hochuli. Double secret probation just doesn't cut it.

Then on Monday night Eagles receiver Greg Lewis grabs the jersey of Dallas cornerback Anthony Henry yet Henry draws the interference flag. In week one Plaxico Burress pushes off Fred Smoot and the refs throw a flag on Smoot. In both cases the offenses had the ball 1st and goal on the one yard line. It's early, but I have never seen the officiating this bad.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My 2008 Predictions

AFC East
New England Patriots- 11-5- They could make another run at a perfect season. This team is one of the best teams ever assembled. As long as Brady stays healthy( big question mark considering it is now reported that Tom Brady has a broken foot ) the team is a lock to make the playoffs. Randy Moss and Wes Welker should be poised for another big year. I like their draft picks of Jerod Mayo and Shawn Crable for a youth infusion in the linebacking corps. But their secondary is suspect

New York Jets-10-6- The aquisition of Brett Farve makes them immediatly better. The left side of the offensive line should be dominant with D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Alen Faneca. But the running game is suspsect with Thomas Jones averaging just 3.6 yards a carry last season.

Buffalo Bills- 7-9-If Trent Edwards continues to develope this team could suprise. There was a big injection of talent from free agency and the draft. DT Marcus Stroud and LB Kawika Mitchell upgrade the defense. Look for 2nd round draft pick James Hardy to make an immediate impact

Miami Dolphins-3-13- They just don't have the talent to be a playoff contender. Chad Pennington could help and if Ricky Williams can recapture his old form the team might win 8 games.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers- 11-5- Ben Rothlisberger makes this team one of the contenders. Solid but not spectacular in all facets of the game. Look for rookie Rashard Mendenhall to make some immediate impact

Cincinnati Bengals- 8-8- Chad Johnson is another year older and the defense is going to stink

Cleveland Browns-8-8- This team way over paid in terms of money and draft compensation for Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams. Derek Anderson hasn't sold me as their starter.

Baltimore Ravens- 1-15- Their quarterback situation is a debacle and Ray Lewis has been the same player for the last several years.

AFC South

Indianapolis-12-4- Peyton Manning is one of the best. The offense is impressive but the defense is lackluster.

Jacksonville Jaguars- 11-5-This team could make a push for the Superbowl. Solid all around team could make a push to the Superbowl

Houston Texans- 9-7-A Realy up and coming team. The defensive line should be strong with the continued developement of Mario Williams and Amobi Okoye

Tennessee Titans- 6-10- As long as Jeff Fisher is there they should be competitive. But this team has zero receivers.

AFC West

San Diego Chargers- 13-3 Tons of talent at most every position. Norv Turner is usually a below average game day coach though.

Denver Broncos- 8-8- This team will go as far as Jay Cutler will take them. There is some talent here but the defensive line is average at best

Oakland Raiders- 6-10- They could suprise if Darren McFadden develops but bottom line is there are more question marks than answers. The free agents they brought in are ridiculous considering they money they shelled out.

Kansas City Chiefs- 2-14- Only because Herm Edwards is coach to do they even muster 2 wins. Brodie Croyle is simply not starting material in the NFL. Larry Johnson looks to rebound from an injury plagued 2007 season.

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles- 10-6- This kills me to predict the Eagles finishing first but they seem to have the whole package on offense and defense as they enter the season. This team will go as far as McNabb will take them. If Donovan gets hurt again then all bets are off on them winning more than 5 games. Aging tackle tandem of Runyan and William " Tra" Thomas is getting up in age.

New York Giants- 9-7- The loss of Umenyiora will hurt but remember the Giants still have Kiwanuka and Justin Tuck. This team will be tough but expect a small decline after last years Superbowl

Dallas Cowboys- 7-9- This is the most overrated team in the league. Terrell Owens will turn 35 years old during the season and Patrick Crayton just isn't that good. Tony Romo's fumbling and Andre Gurodes high snaps will cost them games.

Washington Redskins- 6-10- The offensive line and Jason Campbell has been shaky in preseason and the Redskins just demoted Jon Jansen to 2nd string in favor of Stephon Heyer. The pass rush could be better if Jason Taylor can recover quickly from knee surgery. New coach and new system will be an adjustment for the offense.

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings- 9-7- Their sucess is going to depend upon improved play by Tavaris Jackson. Additions of Bernard Berrian and Jared Allen will improve them on both sides of the ball

Detroit Lions- 7-9-Calvin Johnson should improve. With Roy Williams and veteran Jon Kitna they should score some points but the defense is suspect.

Green Bay Packers-6-10- So long Brett Farve. Hello Aaron Rogers and a 6-10 season. There is some talent so if Rogers can adapt they can be a winning team.

Chicago Bears- 5-11- Unresolved QB situation leads to another losing season. Aging defense can no longer get it done. Kyle Orton doesn't convince me this team can surprise anyone.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints-12-4-Saints make a rebound with Drew Brees and company. Defense gets a lift with the additions of Sedrick Ellis and Jonathan Vilma. Could be the NFC
's Superbowl representative

Carolin Panthers 9-7- Julies Peppers rebounds in his contract year and is a force along the defensive line. Return of Jake Delhomme brings high hopes. Look for rookie Jonathan Stewart to make an immediate impact

Tampa Bay Buccanears- 8-8- Aging defense is going to cost them and Jeff Garcia's best years are behind them. Health of Cadillac Williams is a concern

Atlanta Falcons-2-14- Matt Ryan might become a great Quarterback but that isn't going to happen this year. Offensive Line is a big concern. Roddy White one of the few bright spots on an otherwise dreadfull team.

NFC West

Seattle Seahawks-11-5- Matt Hasselbeck is one of the premier quarterbacks in the NFC and the biggest reason this team consistantly wins. The defense is solid. Only concern is the running game

St.Louis Rams-7-9- If Steven Jackson and Marc Bulger are healthy this team could surpise. Rookie Chris Long should help the defensive line

Arizona Cardinals- 6-10-Every year this team is a pundits pick as the surprise team. On paper they should be better yet they continue to disappoint. The future rests on the shoulders of Matt Leinert.

San Francisco 49ers-3-13- No quarterback and below average receivers equals a debacle of a season. Somehow they justified Justin Smith's 2 sacks last year with huge contract and over 20 million guaranteed. Last year they made cornerback Nate Clements the highest paid defensive player. Returns on their big spending have been less than stellar

Thursday, June 19, 2008

2009 Mock Draft

1. San Francisco 49ers- Michael Oher-OT-Ole Miss

2. Philadelphia Eagles- Michael Crabtree-WR- Texas Tech- Panthers pay big time for thinking that Delhomme would stay healthy and end up without their 1st round pick because they traded it to the Eagles on draft day 2008

3. New York Jets- Malcolm Jenkins-CB-Ohio State

4. Oakland Raiders-George Selvie-DE/OLB-USF

5. Green Bay Packers- James Laurinaitis-ILB-Ohio State

6. Miami Dolphins-Knowshown Moreno-RB-Georgia

7. Atlanta Falcons-Eugene Monroe-OT-Virginia

8. Detroit Lions-Matt Tim Tebow-QB-Florida

9. Baltimore Ravens-Alex Boone-OT-Ohio State

10. St Louis Rams-Myron Rolle-S-Florida State

11. Denver Broncos-Michael Johnson-DE-Georgia Tech

12. Chicago Bears-Tyson Jackson-DE-LSU

13. Kansas City Chiefs-Greg Hardy-DE-Mississippi

14 Cincinnati Bengals-Vontae Davis-CB Illinios

15. Buffalo Bills-Jeff Owens-DT-Georgia

16. Arizona Cardinals-Taylor Mays-S-USC

17. Houston Texans-Ciron Black-OT-LSU

18. New York Giants-Brian Cushing-OLB USC

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Lesean McCoy-RB-Pittsburgh

20. Minnesota Vikings-Maurice Evans-DE-Penn State

21. Philadelphia Eagles-Brandon Pettigrew-TE-Oklahoma State

22. Seattle Seahawks-Peria Jerry-DT-Mississippi

23. Dallas Cowboys-Percy Harvin-WR-Florida

24. Indianapolis Colts-Trevard Lindley-CB-Kentucky

25. Cleveland Browns-Chris Wells-RB-Ohio State

26. Pittsburgh Steelers- Duke Robinson-G-OU

27. Jacksonville Jaguars-Rey Mauluga-LB-USC

28. San Diego Chargers-Greg Middleton-DE-Indiana

29. New Orleans Saints-Sen'Derrick Marks-DT-Auburn

30. Tennessee Titans-Victor Harris-CB-Virginia Tech

31. Washington Redskins-Demarcus Granger-DT-Oklahoma

32. New England Patriots-Dace Richardson-OT-Iowa

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Who Says you can't go home?

Details are sketchy at this point as to what happened at Marvin Harrison's businesses at 28th and Cambria and 25th and Thompson in North Philadelphia this past week. Marvin Harrison apparantly owns the Playmakers night club and Chuckie's garage where an incident at the night club spilled over into a shooting at the garage where a man was shot in the hand and a child injured by shattered glass from the shooting. According to authorities the gun is owned by Indianpolis star receiver Marvin Harrison but it is unclear who was the shooter.

Marvin Harrison might be completely guilt free in the shooting but I can't help but ask why in the world would a multi millionaire invest his money in these types of businesses in North Philadelphia. The last thing this section of the city of brotherly love needs is a nightclub and a shady looking garage. These two entities give absolutely nothing back to the community. Would it be too much to ask that Marvin simply buy a big house in an Indianapolis suburb and invest his money in Exxon or some nice tax free municipal bonds? An offseason spent golfing and or fishing would be far more stress free and trouble free than going home to run a bar and garage in a North Philadelphia slum. But " who says you can't go home?"

Friday, April 25, 2008

Eve of the Draft Mock

1. Miami Dolphins-Jake Long-OT-Michigan

2. St Louis Rams-Chris Long-DE-Virginia

3. Atlanta Falcons-Glenn Dorsey-DT-LSU

4. Oakland Raiders-Vernon Gholston-DE-Ohio State

5. Kansas City Chiefs-Sedrick Ellis-DT-USC

6. New York Jets-Darren McFadden-RB-Arkansas

7 New England Patriots-Branden Albert-OG-Virginia

8. Baltimore Ravens-Matt Ryan-QB-Boston College

9. Cincinnati Bengals-Derrick Harvey-DE-Florida

10. New Orleans Saints-Leodis McKelvin-CB-Troy

11. Buffalo Bills-Dominque Rogers-Cromartie-CB-Tennessee State

12. Denver Broncos-Ryan Clady-OT-Boise State

13. Carolina Panthers-Jerod Mayo-LB-Tennessee

14. Chicago Bears-Rashard Mendenhall-RB-Illinois

15. Detroit Lions-Keith Rivers-LB-USC

16. Arizona Cardinals-Jonathan Stewart-RB-Oregon

17. Kansas City Chiefs-Chris Williams-OT-Vanderbilt

18. Houston Texans-Aqib Talib-CB-Kansas

19. Philadelphia Eagles-Kenny Phillips-S-Miami

20. Tampa Bay Buccanears-Devin Thomas-WR-Michigan State

21. Washington Redskins-Phillip Merling-DE-Clemson

22. Dallas Cowboys-Limas Sweed-WR-Texas

23 Pittsburgh Steelers-Gosder Cherilus-OT-Boston College

24. Tennessee Titans-Desean Jackson-WR-California

25. Seattle Seahawks-Kentwan Balmer-DT-North Carolina

26. Jacksonville Jaguars-Calais Campbell-DE-Miami

27. San Diego Chargers-Mike Jenkins-CB-South Florida

28. Dallas Cowboys-Felix Jones-RB-Arkansas

29. San Francisco 49ers-James Hardy-WR-Indiana

30. Green Bay Packers-Antione Cason-CB-Arizona

31. New England Patriots-forfeited

32. New York Giants-Dan Conner-LB-Penn State

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

May this be the last Mock?

1. Miami Dolphins- Jake Long OT-Michigan

2. St. Louis Rams- Vernon Gholston-DE-Ohio State

3. Atlanta Falcons-Matt Ryan-QB-Boston College

4. Oakland Raiders-Chris Long-DE-Virginia

5. Kansas City Chiefs-Sedrick Ellis-DT-USC

6. New York Jets-Glenn Dorsey-DT-LSU

7. New England Patriots-Leodis McKelvin-CB- Troy

8. Baltimore Ravens-Branden Albert-OG/T- Virginia

9. Cincinnati Bengals-Keith Rivers-OLB-USC

10. New Orleans Saints-Dominique Rogers-Cromartie-CB-Tennessee State

11. Buffalo Bills- Devin Thomas-WR-Michigan State

12. Denver Broncos- Ryan Clady-OT-Boise State

13. Carolina Panthers- Derrick Harvey-DE-Florida

14. Chicago Bears-Rashard Mendenhall-RB-Illinois

15. Detroit Lions-Jerod Mayo-OLB/MLB-Tennessee

16. Arizona Cardinals- Darren McFadden-RB-Arkansas

17. Kansas City Chiefs-Chris Williams-OT-Vanderbilt

18. Houston Texans-Jonathan Stewart-RB-Oregon

19. Philadelphia Eagles-Kenny Phillips-S-Miami

20. Tampa Bay Buccanears-Desean Jackson-WR-California

21. Washington Redskins-Trade- Redskins trade this years 1st rounder and next years 2nd rounder plus a conditional 4 rounder in 2010 to the Bengals for receiver Chad Johnson- Bengals Select-DE-Calais Campbell- Miami

22. Dallas Cowboys- Felix Jones-RB-Arkansas

23. Pittsburgh Steelers-Gosder Cherilus-OT-Boson College

24. Tennessee Titans- Limas Sweed-WR- Texas

25. Seattle Seahawks- Trade- The Seahawks trade this pick for the Giants TE Jeremy Shockey-Giants select-Mike Jenkins-CB-South Florida

26. Jacksonville Jaguars-Phillip Merling-DE-Clemson

27. San Diego Chargers-Kentwan Balmer-DT-North Carolina

28. Dallas Cowboys-Aqib Talib-CB-Kansas

29. San Francisco 49ers-Quentin Groves-DE/OLB- Auburn

30. Green Bay Packers-Dustin Keller-TE-Purdue

31. New England Patriots-forfeited for the spygate scandel

32. New York Giants-Dan Conner-OLB/ILB/ Penn State

Monday, April 21, 2008

OK- Now it's the Final Mock

1. Miami Dolphins- Jake Long-OT-Michigan

2. St Louis Rams-Vernon Gholston-DE-Ohio State

3. Atlanta Falcons-Matt Ryan-QB-Boston College

4. Oakland Raiders- Chris Long-DE-Virginia

5. Kansas City Chiefs-Sedrick Ellis-DT-USC

6. New York Jets-Darren McFadden-RB-Arkansas

7. New England Patrios-Leodis McKelvin-CB-Troy

8. Baltimore Ravens- Ryan Clady-OT-Boise State

9. Cincinati Bengals-Glenn Dorsey-DT-LSU

10. New Orleans Saints-Dominque Rogers-Cromartie-CB-Tennessee State

11. Buffalo Bills- Devin Thomas-WR-Michigan State

12. Denver Broncos-Branden Albert-OG/T-Virginia

13. Carolina Panthers-Derrick Harvey-DE-Florida

14. Chicago Bears-Rashard Mendenhall-RB- Illinois

15. Detroit Lions-Jonathan Stewart-RB-Oregon

16. Arizona Cardinals- Aqib Talib-CB-Kansas

17. Minnesota Vikings-Kenny Phillips-S-Miami

18. Houston Texans-Chris Williams-OT-Vanderbilt

19. Philadelphia Eagles- Keith Rivers-OLB-USC

20. Tampa Bay Buccanears- Desean Jackson-WR- California

21. Washington Redskins-Phillip Merling-DE-Clemson

22. Dallas Cowboys-Felix Jones-RB-Arkansas

23. Pittsburgh Steelers-Gosder Cherilus-OT- Boston College

24. Tennessee Titans-Limas Sweed-WR-Texas

25. Seattle Seahawks-Kentwan Balmber-DT-North Carolina

26. Jacksonville Jaguars-Calais Campbell-DE-Miami

27. Sand Diego Chargers- James Hardy-WR-Indiana

28. Dallas Cowboys- Mike Jenkins-CB-South Florida

29. San Francisco 49ers-Quentin Groves-DE-Auburn

30. Green Bay Packers-Dustin Keller-TE-Purdue

31. New England Patriots-Forfeited pick

32. New York Giants-Jerod Mayo-OLB/ILB/-Tennessee

Saturday, April 5, 2008

April Skins Mock

The Skins have been nearly non existant in free agency. The 9 picks they have in this draft should help them fill some of their needs.
Round 1. Brandon Albert-OG-Virginia- 6-5 5/8ths 309 lbs. 5.17 forty. Skins coaches really like this guy. Mayock of the NFL Networks now has him in his top ten picks. If he is there when we pick he will be a Redskin. He's the best pulling guard I have seen in quite a while
Round 2. Tracy Porter-CB-Indiana- 5-11 188 lbs 4.37 forty- This guy can play. good at intercepting the ball and taking it back for a touchdown
Round 3. Chris Ellis-DE-Virginia Tech- 6-4 1/4 263 lbs. Pass Rushing end to compliment Carter on the left side
Round 3. Earl Bennet-WR-Vanderbilt- 5-11 1/2 209 lbs 4.45 forty. 236 receptions in 3 years of college football. Not the greatest measurables but a solid possesion receiver.
Round 5. Frank Okam-DT-Texas- 6-4 1/2 347 lbs 5.29 Has been an underachiever up to this point but good value in round 5.
Round 6. Jacob Hester-FB-LSU-5-11 226 lbs 4.62- Tweener type should be a quality FB at the next level
Round 7. Dennis Dixon-QB-Oregon 6-3 1/2 195 lbs A project with some upside
Round 7. Vincent Redd-OLB-Liberty 6-5 263 lbs 4.58 at pro day. Might be more of a 3-4 project but hey its the 7th round for crying out loud!
Round 7. Matt Spanos-C-USC 6-5 317 lbs Only 9 career starts but in the 7th round this is some value in this pick

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Final Mock-April 5th 2008

Now that the combine is over and the pro days nearly complete it is time to attempt a mock draft update. Team needs are much easier to assess at this point as most of the free agent signings of any significance are complete. Heights, weights and forty times are included in earlier mocks. So here goes:
1.Miami Dolphins-Jake Long-OT-Michigan- Only 1 penalty in 4 years at Michigan. Solidifies either tackle position for the next decade. Parcells would probably like to trade out of this pick but I doubt there will be any takers

2.St Louis Rams- Vernon Gholston-DE-Ohio State- The smart money says Chris Long here but in a surpise the Rams go with the more athletic Gholston.

3.Atlanta Falcons- Glenn Dorsey-DT-LSU- Dominant at the point of attack and plays through injuries and pain.

4.Oakland Raiders-Chris Long-DE-Virginia-Son of hall of famer Howie Long gets to be a Raider just like his father. Excellent intangibles and measurables. Should be a 10 sack a year player
5.Kansas City Chiefs-Sedrick Ellis-DT-USC-Probably need an offensive tackle but the value at this point is Sedrick Ellis. All around DT who can penetrate in either the pass or the run
6. New York Jets-Darren McFadden-RB-Arkansas- Size and speed combination could have immediate impact on the Jets. He's this year's Adrian Peterson
7. New England Patriots- Leodis McKelvin-CB-Troy- Best Corner in the draft but I think the Patriots will try to trade down a few with this pick. Could also go with LB Keith Rivers.
8.Baltimore Ravens-Matt Ryan-QB-Boston College- Ravens go back to the quarterback well due to their need to find a solution at the postion but it would not surprise me at all to see this guy fall just like Brady Quinn and Aaron Rogers did in past drafts.
9.Cincinnati Bengals-Keith Rivers-LB-USC- fullfills one of their needs. River's pro day this past week solidfied himself in the top 15 picks in my opinon. Rivers is an excellent 4-3 linebacker.
10.New Orleans Saints-Dominque Rogers Cromartie-CB-Tennesee State- I don't like their free agent moves they made for the secondary and feel they still need to get better at the CB postion.
11. Buffalo Bills-Mike Jenkins-CB-South Florida- 4.38 forty, nice size and fits a definative need for the Bills
12. Denver Broncos-Ryan Clady-OT-Boise State- franchise left tackle is good value at this pick
13. Carolina Panthers-Derrick Harvey-DE-Florida- would not shock me to see the Panthers take Brian Brohm here but Harvey is good value and will solidfy the pass rush opposite Peppers
14. Chicago Bears-Rashard Mendenhal-RB-Illinois- Bears are slowly finding out Cedric Benson is not the answer but I can almost guarantee you that Mendhenall will have immediate impact
15. Detroit Lions-Jonathan Stewart-HB-Oregon- The need at running back is glaring. Stewart ran well at the combine and fills their need in the backfield but don't rule out another receiver! Just kidding
16. Arizona Cardinals-Aqib Talib-CB-Kansas- A real good value here. Has good ability to make interceptions and run them back. With Rolle moving to safety this pick makes sense
17. Minnesota Vikings-Phillip Merling-DE-Clemson- Has a sports hernia that has prevented him from working out but the Vikes need DE in the worst way. Udeze is out for the season battling luekemia and Erasmus James might never be healthy. Merling is a solid left end.
18. Houston Texans-Jeff Otah-OT-Pittsburg- This team has never been able to solve their talent level at the tackle position. Has raw ability to be a quality tackle at the next level at either tackle postion.
19. Philadelphia Eagles-Kenny Phillips-S-Miami- Brian Dawkins is on his last legs and Sean Considine and Quinten Mickel are average safeties at best. Kenny Phillips fits the bill for this team
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Desean Jackson-WR-California- Galloway is aging and Jackson although small is the best receiver of this draft class.
21. Washington Redskins-Brandon Albert-OG-Virginia- some draft pundits have Albert skyrocketing into a top ten pick. While he is the best pulling guard I have seen in a quite a while I don't buy that he's a top ten pick. Good Value for my skins at this point and fills a need within a year for this team.
22. Dallas Cowboys-Felix Jones-RB-Arkansas- Rumor has it the Cowpokes love either of the Arkansas backs. Jones averaged 9 yards a carry as a senior.
23. Pittsburgh Steeler-Chris Williams-OT-Vanderbilt- Marvel Smith has been strugling and Alan Faneca has left. Williams can play either guard or tackle at the next level
24. Tennessee Titans-Devin Thomas-WR-Michigan State- Big and fast and had an outstanding season as senior. Gives Vince Young someone to throw to.
25. Seattle Seahawks-Kentwan Balmer-DT-North Carolina- risky pick here with a lot of upside potential. Penetrating defensive tackle fits Seattle's needs
26. Jacksonville Jaguars-Limas Sweed-WR-Texas- The Jags having nothing but mediocrity at receiver. Sweed has some big time potential
27. San Diego Chargers-Reggie Smith-CB-Oklahoma- Can play corner or free safety and fits a need for the Chargers
28. Dallas Cowboys-James Hardy-WR-Indianna- Terry Glenn's career is winding down. Owens will be 35 years old by season's end. Malcom Kelly could be the pick here if he runs well on his pro day April 9th but Hardy fits the bill for a big receiver at nearly 6-6 with 4.47 speed.
29. San Francisco 49ers-Quentin Groves-DE-Auburn- I think he fits here as OLB in the 3-4 opposite Manny Lawson. Speedy pass rusher will make some sacks at the next level but might be a liabilty as a pure DE.
30. Green Bay Packers-Gosder Cherilus-OT-Boston College- With Tauscher and Clifton getting older a case can be made for a need at the tackle postion. Cherilus could also play guard
31. New York Giants- Dan Conner-LB-Penn State- Giants will get a starter in Conner. He might never be a pro bowler but he will help this team at a position of need.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Brett Favre

OK, where do I start with this one? Brett was a great player who's love for the game of football was evident with his enthusiasm on the field. I feel like he left on the top of his game. Prior to this season I felt his skills had diminished signficantly but this past season he played great and had one of his better years. So to leave the game after a great season and for having played 15 of his 17 years for just one team it is quite remarkable. I'm glad Brett left the game as the starter for the Green Bay packers and not some 2nd string quarterback who should have left the game 4 years prior. But quite frankly I'm also pleased that the soap opera of Brett Favre is over. I grew quite tired of the media pontifications of wether this was Brett's last season or last game. As if he's going to be banished to the shuffle board courts in Palm Beach before he's 39 years old. Gimme a break!

I know Brett had a great career but the crying athlete at the podium announcing his retirement at 39 years old should be a happy moment. We should all be so lucky to retire at 39 years old. I know Brett said it was never about the money but I guess his agent had other ideas. For most of Brett's career he was paid amongst the top five at his position including the 11 million he made last season. So spare me the " it was never about the money speech".

So goodbye Brett and cheers to a great career and all the football memories. I'm sure we'll see you in broadcasting very soon.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Free Agent Thoughts

We are only in day 2 of the free agent market. It appears that all the marquee free agents have already signed. Lance Briggs resigned with the Bears. Alan Faneca signed with the Jets. Justin Smith parlayed the two sacks he got last year into 20 million guaranteed with the 49ers. The Eagles signed Assante Samuel despite having two good corners already in Sheldon Brown and Lito Sheppard. A couple decent free agents are left in Antwan Odam and DJ Hackett but the market is drying up quick. Cleveland thinks they improved by signing Corey Williams, Shaun Rogers, and Donte Stallworth but they gave up 2nd,3rd, and 5th round picks for Williams and Rogers. While I do believe Williams is a good player I believe Shaun Rogers conditioning is a reason he was expendable by Detroit. Randy Moss is still out there but I think he'll want a ton of money and teams wonder which version of Randy Moss they would get should they sign him. I really don't see any teams that really helped themselves as this free agent class is the weakest I've seen.

Skins 7 round Mock

The Redskins have needs at cornerback, safety, Linebacker, Receiver, offensive line and defensive line. The organization's lack of attention to the defensive line has been a source of frustation for me. My 2 round mock below indicates the skins picking up an extra 3rd rounder by trading down in the first round. So here is my 7 round Redskins mock draft. It addresses most but not all the team needs. I have us waiting to get defensive line help until the 3rd round but there are three defensive lineman who should be there when we pick that I think might be good pros. Quentin Groves, Lawrence Jackson, and Calais Campbell. Groves probably works better in a 3-4 but Jackson and Campbell have some upside. At this point I think it is unrealistic that Derrick Harvey falls to us at pick 21.
Round 1- James Hardy-WR-Indiana- He'll be a good pro. Almost 6-6 and 220 lbs with 4.47 speed. 16 touchdowns as a senior. Gives Jason Campbell a big target to throw to
Round2- Tracy Porter-CB-Indiana- 5-11 188 lbs ran a 4.37 at the combine. He had 6 interceptions as a senior with 137 return yards. Carlos Rogers might not be ready for the start of the season. Springs is another year older. We still have Fred Smoot but without adding another corner we could be in some trouble in the secondary
Round 3-Shawn Crable-OLB/DE-Michigan. 6-5 245 lbs with 4.64 speed. Had 7.5 sacks las year. Could be the eventual replacement for Macus Washington and help our pass rush. I have us picking up San Francisco's 3rd rounder here
Round 3-Chris Ellis-DE-Virginia Tech-6-4 265 lbs with a frame to beef up to 280 lbs. 4.71 at the combine. 8.5 sacks as a senior
Round 5-Mike McGlynn-OT/G-Pittsburgh- 6-5 315 lbs- Started all four years in college. Played right tackle but will move to guard at the next level.
Round 6- Owen Schmitt-FB-West Virginia 6-2 247 lbs We'll need a backup to Mike Sellars
Round 7- Anthony Morelli-QB-Penn State 6-4 230 lbs. I don't think he was coached up very well at Penn State. Obviosly we have other needs but in the 7th round sometimes you can find some value at this position

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Latest Mock- 2 Rounds

1.Miami Dolphins- Chris Long-DE-Virginia 6-3 275lbs. Ran a 4.71 at the combine and looked great in the drills. Had 14 sacks as a senior. son of Hall of Famer Howie Long is one of the safer picks in this draft. Dolphins probably would like to trade down but I doubt they'll find any takers
2.St Louis Rams- Jake Long-OT-Michigan- 6-7 313 lbs. Great size with long arms. Can play either tackle spot. With Orlando Pace nearing the end of his career this pick makes sense
3.Atlanta Falcons-Darren McFadden-RB-Arkansas- 6-1 217lbs. Ran a 4.33 at the combine and will likely make an immediate impact at the pro level. Gained 1700 yards last year. Dallas is rumored to want to trade a boat load of picks to get McFadden so we'll see.
4.Oakland Raiders-Sedrick Ellis-DT-USC-6-1 285 lbs. Was unblockable at the senior bowl. Does not have great measureables but is simply a great high motor football player. Ran a 5.24 at the combine. With Sapp retiring the Raiders get a replacement.
5.Kansas City Chiefs-Ryan Clady-OT-Boise State-6-6 317 lbs. Good pass blocker with big hands and quick feet. Can sure up the Chiefs left tackle spot for the next decade. Was not overly impressive at the combine and appeared slugish but his on field performance is why he gets picked this high.
6. New York Jets-Vernon Gholston-DE-Ohio State. 6-4 265 lbs. Had 14 sacks last year including one against top offensive tackle Jake Long. Was very good at the combine with 37 reps on the bench and a 4.64 forty. Great value here for the Jets
7.New England Patriots-Leodis McKelvin-CB-Troy 5-11 190 lbs. Natural cover corner with good tackling ability. Can also contribute in the return game. Ran a 4.38 at the combine. With Assante Samuel leaving I'm thinkin the Patriots are going defensive back but could go linebacker to add some needed youth.
8. Baltimore Ravens-Matt Ryan-QB-Boston College-6-5 220 lbs. This team needs to address the QB position and hopes this draft gamble works. 31 touchdowns but 19 interceptions. Threw for over 4500 yards as a senior. Teams drafting quarterbacks in the first round have had mixed results but if they pass here Matt Ryan will not be there in round 2.
9. Cincinnatti Bengals-Derrick Harvey-DE-Florida 6-5 271 lbs. He must have put on 20 lbs since the end of the season but he still ran a 4.8 forty and did 31 reps at the bench. A natural pass rusher who can play the run as well. With Justin Smith leaving for the 49ers I doubt they will pass on Harvey
10. New Orleans Saints-Mike Jenkins-CB-South Florida- 6-0 200 lbs. Good natural cover corner with long arms. Can also be physical and will make tackles in the running game. 4.38 at the combine solidified his mid first round draft status
11. Buffalo Bills-Dominque Rogers Cromarties-CB-Tennessee State-6-1.5 184 lbs. Played well at the Senior Bowl and is skyrocketing up the draft charts. Did well in all the drils at the combine. Ran 4.33 with an NBA leap of 38.5. In recent years the Bills have lost Nate Clements and Antoine Winfield so cornerback has become a position of need.
12. Denver Broncos- Jeff Otah-OT-Pittsburgh-6-6 340lbs. Should solidify the right tackle position for the next decade. Fills a major need for this team. Huge frame and long arms will make it difficult for ends to get around him to pressure the QB. Raw player who starterd playing football as a senior in high school
13. Carolina Panthers- Glen Dorsey-DT-LSU-6-2 303lbs. Had 7 sacks and 12.5 tackles for loss to go along with his 69 tackles as senior. Complete football player who could be a top five pick his leg checks out OK. He did not participate at the combine and rumors persist that he has a fractured tibia. With Kris Jenkins being traded in day one of free agency I would say defensive line becomes a position of need and if Dorsey falls this far it will be remarkable value at this point in the draft.
14. Chicago Bears-Limas Sweed-WR-Texas- 6-5 219 lbs. Deceptively fast with excellent hands. Ran a 4.46 at the combine with a 35 inch vertical leap and is moving up the draft charts. With Berrian leaving via free agency the receiver position becomes a team need.
15. Detroit Lions- Jonathan Stewart-RB- Oregon- 5-10 1/4 235 lbs. Kevin Jones does not appear to be the answer to the running game for the lions. Stewart is the complete package of size and speed. Ran a 4.44 at the combine on his first run and a 4.49 on this second run. 36.5 vertical leap. Over 1700 rushing yards as a senior and a 6.2 yards per carry average. Also had 22 receptions
16. Arizona Cardinals-Aqib Talib-CB-Kansas- 6-2 205 lbs. Good playmaking skills and a nose for the ball. Had 5 interceptions last season. Ran a 4.48 at the combine and posted a 38 inch vertical leap. With Antrel Rolle making the transiton to free safey, cornerback becomes a need for this team.
17. Minnesota Vikings-Phillip Merling-DE- Clemson- 6-4 280lbs. A complete defensive lineman who can play the run and was a good enough pass rusher to get 7 sacks last season. With Udeze battling leukemia the DE spot is a position of need. Did not do the drills at the combine
18. Houston Texans-Rashard Mendehnall-RB-Illinois-5-11 230 lbs. Ran a 4.37 at the combine. Gained over 1600 yards last season with an average of 6.4 yards per carry. Ahman Greens best days are behind him. Texans get an immediate contributor in Mendenhall.
19. Philadelphia Eagles- Chris Williams-OT-Vanderbilt 6-6 320 lbs. The Eagle fans won't like this pick but from what I hear the team likes this player and with Runyan and William(Tra)Thomas both over 33 years old a strong case can be made that this is a position of need plus the team might have a draft bust on its hands with former 2nd rounder Winston Justice.
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Kentwan Balmer-DT-North Carolina- 6-4.5 308 lbs Kevin Carter and Greg Spires were released and Jovan Haye is a restricted free agent who could depart in free agency. DT and DE have become major needs for this team. 3.5 sacks last season to go with 59 tackes and 10 tackles for loss. Lots of upside if he gets motivated and is coached up.
21. San Francisco 49ers-Devin Thomas-WR-Michigan State- 6-2 218 lbs. 79 catches last season and average more than 16 yards per catch. Helped himself immensly with a strong combine by running a 4.34 forty. San Francisco trades with my favorite team here and swaps first with the Redskins and give the Redskins their 3rd round pick. Addressed their need on the defensive line by signing Justin Smith
22. Dallas Cowboys-Felix Jones-RB-Arkansas- 6-0 207 lbs Ran a 4.44 at the combine. Averaged an amazing 9.1 yards per carry last season for the razorbacks. Jerry Jones is rumored to want to trade both their 1st round picks and more to get McFadden but I'm betting they won't offer up enough to move that far up the draft.
23. Pittsburgh Steelers-Branden Albert-OG-Virginia-6-7 315 lbs. With Alan Faneca likely departing in free agency the Steelers will reload with the arguably the best guard in the draft.
24. Tennessee Titans-Malcom Kelly-WR-Oklahoma 6-4 219 lbs. The titans need some better receivers for Vince Young to throw to. 49 receptions and over 800 yards last season with 9 touchdowns. Should be a good redzone threat at the next level
25. Seattle Seahawks- Dustin Keller-TE-Purdue-6-4 240lbs 68 receptions for over 800 yards last season. Lit it up at the combine posting a 4.55 forty and 26 reps on the bench. With all the running backs worthy of a 1st round selection off the board I'm betting the Seahawks can trade out of the first round and land Keller at the top of the 2nd but if they can't they will pull the trigger and reach a smidge for the best TE in the draft. Could all change if the Seahawks sign Alge Crumpler
26. Jacksonville Jaguars-Lawrence Jackson-DE-USC- 6-4 271 lbs. Solid production at a big time college program. 30.5 sacks in 4 years as a trojan. 4.81 forty at the combine and 31 reps at the combine. They just signed receiver Jerry Porter so I doubt they go receiver in the draft.
27. San Diego Chargers-Desean Jackson-WR-California- 5-10 169 lbs. Chargers do not have a glaring weakness but when you look at the receiver stats there is not a legitmate #1 receiver. Solid college production and a deep threat that is somewhat lacking in the Chargers offense.
28. Dallas Cowboys-Chilo Rachal-OG-USC-6-5 315 lbs. Left guard could use some upgrading because the Cowpokes have little depth should one of their offensive lineman go down with an injury. Could go receiver with this pick. Chilo Rachal is a solid all around offensive lineman and one of the safter picks in this draft
29. Washington Redskins-James Hardy-WR-Indiana 6-5 3/4 219 lbs. Skins pick up a extra 3rd rounder by moving down. Hardy had 16 touchdowns as a senior to go with his 79 receptions and over 1100 yards. Virtually impossible to defend in the short passing game. Ran a 4.47 at the combine. Skins also have needs at cornerback and defensive line but go for the value with this pick
30. Green Bay Packers-Kenny Phillips-S-Miami 6-2 1/4 212 lbs. Falls in the draft based on his combine performance. Looked stiff in the drills. Ran a 4.52 forty but comes from a long line of sucessfull Miami safeties and addresses a need for the packers.
31. New England Patriots- pick forfeited as punishment by the league for filming defensive signals of the New York Jets
31. New York Giants- Keith Rivers-OLB-USC-6-2 240 lbs- Every year a player goes to the draft billed as a top ten pick and falls. This awkward television drama recently happened to Cleveland's Brady Quinn. With more teams using a 3-4 alignment Rivers drops as teams address needs in round 1 that are more pressing. Rivers could shoot right back up the charts if he does well at his pro day. Did not particapte in the combine. Good value for the Giants in the draft and with Kawicka Mitchell leaving in free agency this pick makes a lot of sense.
32. Miami Dolphins-Brian Brohm-QB-Louisville 6-3 230 lbs Ran a 4.83 at the combine. This team will need to get better at the QB position in order to improve. completed over 65% of his passes last year for over 4000 yards. This is a solid pick in round 2 and minimizes the risk by waiting until the 2nd round to take a gamble on a QB.
33. St Louis Rams-Calais Campbell-DE-Miami 6-7 280 lbs. Moves down based on combine performance where he looked slugish. Ran a 5.03 and weighed 303 lbs at his pro day in Miami. While once regarded as a top 15 pick he might just eat his way to the bottom of the 2nd round.
34. Oakland Raiders-Mario Manningham-WR-Michigan 5-11 3/4 181. 4.6 the combine but looked good in the drills
35. Kansas City Chiefs-Brandon Flowers-CB-Virginia Tech-4.58 at the combine but understands his position and makes plays
36.New York Jets-Chade Henne-QB-Michigan-6-3 230 lbs. Jets aren't going to win until they find their quarterback
37. Atlanta Falcons-Joe Flacco-QB-Delaware-6-6 230 lbs. Big time arm and the Falcons need a quarterback
38. Baltimore Ravens-Patrick Lee-CB-Auburn-6-0 200 lbs. 4.42 Has all the tools
39. San Francisco 49ers- Quentin Groves-DE/OLB- Auburn-6-3 260 lbs. Ran a 4.52 at the combine. Should fit in 49ers 3-4 scheme
40. New Orleans Saints-Pat Simms-DT-Auburn-6-2-310 lbs. 4.5 sacks as a senior
41. Buffalo Bills-Fred Davis-TE-USC-6-4 245 lbs. Productive college player
42. Denver Broncos-Trevor Laws-DT-Notre Dame 6-0 304 lbs plays with desire
43. Carolina Panthers-Dan Conner-LB-Penn State 6-3 230 lbs. 4.55 speed. fills need with Dan Morgan being cut
44. Chicago Bears-Gosder Cherilus-OT-Boston College-6-7 318 lbs. Right tackle to replace Fred Miller
45. Detroit Lions-Jerod Mayo-OLB-Tennessee-6-1 242 lbs. Ran a 4.54 at the combine
46. Cincinnati Bengals-Cliff Avril-OLB/DE-Purdue- 6-3 253. Ran a 4.51 at the combine
47. Minnesota Vikings- Early Doucet-WR-LSU-6-0 209 lbs. 4.5 at the combine
48. Atlanta Falcons-Red Bryant-DT-Texas A&M-6-4 318 lbs. position of need for the Falcons
49. Philadelphia Eagles-Reggie Smith-S-Oklahoma-6-0 196 lbs- 4.45 speed. Brian Dawkins can't play forever and Quentin Mickel and Sean Considine are average at best
50. Arizona Cardinals-Chris Johnson-RB-East Carolina-5-11 197 lbs. Edgerrin James is getting up in age and his yards per carry is declining. Johnson ran a combine best 4.24 forty
51. Washington Redskins- Tracy Porter-CB-Indiana 5-11-188 lbs. Ran 4.37 at the combine. 6 interceptions for 137 return yards as a senior
52. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Andre Caldwell-WR-Florida- 6-0 200 lbs with 4.37 speed. Solid college production
53.Pittsburgh Steelers-Lavelle Hawkins-WR-California-5-11 187lbs with 4.52 speed.
54. Tennessee Titans-Carl Nicks-OT- Nebraska-6-5 330 lbs. Can play tackle or guard
55. Seattle Seahawks-Ray Rice-RB-Rutgers-5-8 199 lbs with 4.44 speed. shawn Alexander is running likes he's old. Rice ran for 2015 yards last season
56.Green Bay Packers-Sam Baker-OT-USC 6-5 315 lbs. Packers go for the best player available with this pick garnered from Cleveland for DT Corey Williams
57.Miami Dolphins-Josh Barrett-S-Arizona State-6-1 233 lbs. Ran a 4.35 at the combine
58. Jacksonvile Jaguars-Earl Bennett-WR-Vanderbilt- 5-11 209 lbs. Ran a 4.48 at the combine. Solid college production
59. Indianapolis Colts-Tavares Gooden-OLB-Miami- 6-1 234 lbs. Ran a 4.65 at the combine. good 4-3 linebacker. Excellent in coverage. 100 tackles as a senior
60. Green Bay Packers-Dre Moore-DT-Maryland 6-4 305 lbs Ran a 4.86. 6 sacks as a senior. The pack attempts to replace departed Corey Williams with raw prospect with huge upside
61. Dallas Cowboys-Antoine Casson-CB-Arizona- 6-0 191 ran a 4.48. 5 interceptions for 164 return yards as a senior
62. New England Patriots-Tom Zbikowskski-S-Notre Dame 5-11 211. 4.55 speed. plays with heart
63. New York Giants- Geno Hayes-OLB-Florida State 6-1 230 lbs with 4.64 speed. Giants double down at a position of need.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Draft,Develop, and Resign

I am not a big believer in free agency as a means to build a franchise. After you get through the franchise tags the available free agents are average at best. I would not pay much money for any of these players this offseason with the exception of Assante Samuel. I firmly believe that the way you build a strong team is to draft well and resign that home-grown talent a year before they hit the open market. This way you have an abundance of players on their rookie contracts and you're never battling the cap and throwing good money after bad just to get under the cap. My recipe for building a franchise this way insures your team is young and competive and you'll have the cap space to accesorize with free agency without becoming dependent on free agency. What I have seen the Redskins do is become so obsessed with being a major player in free agency that they overpay for average talent like Antwan Randel-El, Adam Archuletta, and Brandon Lloyd. In Lloyd's case the Skins also found a way to committ double jeapardy by surrendering the money and the draft picks.

When you look at the team who won the Superbowl it's evident the Giants have a comittment to the draft. Osi Umenyori and Michael Stahan were both 2nd round picks. Justin Tuck and Jay Alford were both 3rd round picks. David Diehl and Kevin Boss were 5th round picks and Chris Snee was a 2nd round pick. The Giants did accesorize with Plaxico Burress and Antonio Pierce but they aquired them for no draft compensation. This my friends is how to build a team. Teams that think the draft is just a " crapshoot" are usually teams with poor drafting records. The good teams draft, develop, and resign. It is that simple

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Combine Winners and losers

No player solidified his draft status more than Darren McFadden. He ran a 4.27 followed by a 4.33 for a combine average of 4.3. Rumor has it the Cowboys want to trade a boat load of picks to move up to select the Arkansas running back. Rashard Mendehall ran a 4.37 on his 2nd forty yard dash and Oregon's Jonathan Stewart didn't hurt himself by running a 4.44 and a 4.49 at 235 lbs. Rutgers halfback Ray Rice ran a 4.44 his 1st time but did not run the 2nd due to a hamstring issue. Fullback Owen Schmitt ran a 4.70 and 4.75 to go along with his mohawk haircut. Mario Manningham might have moved out of the late first round by running a 4.59 forty. Adarius Bowman will be a late round pick with 4.69 forty. 6-7 receiver James Hardy lost 1.25 inches of height and is actually 6-5 and 3/4ths but ran a 4.47 and will likely be a late first round pick. Michigan running back Mike Hart dropped his draft stock by running a pedestrian 4.69. East Carolina's Chris Johnson ran the fastest time so far at the combine at 4.24. Quarterback Josh Johnson out of Division IAA University of San Diego ran a 4.44 forty and is becoming one of the more intriguing prospects of this draft. Boston College QB Matt Ryan did not work out and it would not surprise me if he drops down in the first round similar to what happened to Brady Quinn last year. Vernon Gholson helped himself by running a 4.64, 37 reps at the bench and a 35 inch vertical leap. Dominque Rogers-Cromatie didn't hurt himself by running a 4.33 and leaping a defensive back best of 38.5 inches. He also weighed in a 184 lbs and was 6-1.5.

2008 Mock Draft

Miami Dolphins- Sedrick Ellis- DT-USC- 6-1 285 lbs Was un-blockable at the Senior Bowl. Does not have ideal size but is simply a great football player. Only ran 5.24 at the combine

St. Louis Rams- Jake Long-OT-Michigan - 6-7 313 lbs. Great Size with Long arms. Can play left or right Tackle. Orlando Pace has had injury problems so Jake will become their left tackle for the next decade

Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan-QB- Boston College 6-5 220 lbs. Atlanta desperatly needs a signal caller with the sentencing of Michael Vick. Threw for over 4500 yards his senior year with 31 touchdowns

Oakland Raiders- Darren McFadden-RB-Arkansas- 6-2 220 lbs - Raiders get a player who will likely make an immediate impact on their offense. Good size and ran a 4.27 at the combine today on his 1st rund and 4.33 on his 2nd run. Gained 1700 yards last year.

Kansas City Chiefs- Glen Dorsey-DT- LSU- 6-2 299 lbs. Had 7 sacks and 12.5 tackles for loss to go along with his 69 tackles. Complete football player is great value at pick 6.

New York Jets- Chris Long-DE- Virginia- 6-4 285 lbs. Had 14 sacks his senior season. Great instincts and football smarts. Son of Howie Long is one of the safer picks in this draft. Ran a 4.71 and looked good in all the drills at the combine

New England Patrios- Keith Rivers-OLB-USC- 6-3 225 lbs. Linebacker with 4.5 speed and play in space. This pick addresses and postion where the Patriots have some older players. The rich get richer.

Baltimore Ravens- Mike Jenkins-CB-South Florida 6-0 200lbs. Good natural coverage corner with long arms and plays physical

Cincinnati Bengals-Vernon Gholston-DE-Ohio State 6-4 265 lbs. Had 14 sacks last year. Can be very disruptive as a pass rusher but also good at the point of attack. Ran a 4.64 and did 37 reps of 225 lbs. I'm thinking he might have moved up to the top three picks based on his combine performance.

New Orleans Saints-Aqib Talib-CB-Kansas- 6-2 205lbs. Good playmaking skills and nose for the ball. Had 5 interceptions last season. 4.48 at the combine with a 38 inch verticle leap

Buffalo Bills- Leodis McKelvin-CB-Troy 5-11 190 lbs. Natural cover corner with good tackling ability. Can also contribute in the return game. Ran a 4.38at the combine

Denver Broncos-Ryan Clady-OT- Boise State 6-6 317 lbs. Good pass blocker with big hands and quick feet. Can sure up the Broncos left tackle position for the next decade

Carolina Panthers- Dan Conner-ILB- Penn State 6-3 235 lbs with 4.55 speed. Dan Morgan was just released and my bet is the panther reach a smidge with this pick and select Dan Conner.

Chicago Bears- Brian Brohm-QB-Louisville- 6-4 225 lbs. 30 touchdowns and over 4000 yards last season. Knows the game and has a quick release.

Detroit Lions- Jonathan Stewart-RB-Oregon- 5-11 235 lbs Kevin Jones probably is not the answer to the running game in Detroit. Steward is a complete back with speed, power, and blocking ability in the blitz pick up. Ran a 4.44 today at the combine today on his 1st rund and 4.49 on this second run. Solidified his first round draft status at the combine

Arizona Cardinals- Rashard Mendenhal-RB-Illinois- 5-11 230 lbs. Edgerin James is getting older and his yards per carry is in decline. Mendehal has low center of gravity. Will make an immediate impact. Ran a 4.43 at the combine today on his 1st rund and 4.37 on his 2nd run. After the combine there is not doubt he'll go in round 1.

Minnesota Vikings- Kenny Phillips-S-Miami- 6-2 210 lbs 4.45. Big physical and the best safety in the draft. Can play in man and zone coverage.

Houston Texans- Jeff Otah-OT-Pittsburgh 6-6 340 lbs. Should solidfy the right side of the offensive line for the next decade. This fills a major need for this team.

Philadelphia Eagles-Chris Williams-OT-Vanderbilt- 6-6 320 lbs. I thought Runyan and William(tra) Thomas played at a high level last year but both are over 32 and this team loves offensive lineman.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Desean Jackson-WR-California-6-0 172 lbs. Legitimate deep threat with good open field elusiveness. Excellent route runner and a value pick at this point in the draft. Ran a 4.31 at the combine

Washington Redskins- Derrick Harvey- DE- Florida 6-4 262 lbs with 4.7 speed. Yes I am a skins fan and this is a postion I would like the skins to address. Cornerback could the pick at this spot but if Derrick Harvey is there I think the Skins will take him. Ran a respectable 4.8 with 31 reps at the bench press at the combine.

Dallas Cowboys-Dominque Rogers Cromartie-CB-Tennessee State- 6-1.5 184 lbs. Played well at the Senior Bowl and is moving up the draft charts. This is a need for the Cowboys with Anthony Henry getting older and possibly moving to safety. 4.33 with a combine best 38.5 vertical leap

Pittsburgh Steelers- Branden Albert-OG- Virginia- 6-7 315 lbs. With Alan Fanaca possibly leaving the team will likely address this need. Can play guard and tackle

Tennessee Titans- Malcom Kelly-WR- Oklahoma-6-4 219 lbs. The Titans need some better receivers for Vince Young to throw to. 49 receptions for over 800 yards last season and 9 touchdowns. Will be a good redzone threat

Seattle Seahawks- Felix Jones-RB- Arkansas-6-0 207 lbs. Shaun Alexander might be on his last legs. The Seahawks need to add some youth and talent to this postion. Jones averaged an amazing 9.1 yards per carry last season. Ran a 4.44 at the combine today

Jacksonville Jaguars- Phillip Merling-DE-Clemson 6-5 280 lbs. A complete defensive lineman. 78 tackles and 7 sacks last year. With Bobby McCray possibly leaving in free agency the Jags have a need at DE. Did not do the forty at the combine

San Diego Chargers-Chilo Rachal-OG-USC- 6-5 315 lbs. A solid all around offensive guard will upgrade the Chargers interior line

Dallas Cowboys-Devin Thomas-WR-Michigan State- 6-2 218lbs. 79 catches last season on 16 yards per catch. Moves up to the first round based on his combine performance. Ran a 4.34 forty.

San Francisco 49ers- James Hardy-WR-Indiana- 6-7 220 lbs. . Had 16 touchdowns for the Hossiers last season to go with 79 receptions and over 1100 yards. Dominant red zone threat and is virtually impossible to defend in the short passing game. Improved his draft status by running a 4.47 at the combine

Green Bay Packers- Limas Sweed-WR-Texas- 6-5 219 lbs. Another weapon for Brett Farvre. Deceptively fast with excellent hands. Ran a 4.46 at the combine and has solidfied his status as a late first round early 2nd round pick

New Engand Patriots- pick forfeited

New York Giants- Xavier Adibi-OLB-Virginia Tech 6-2 226 lbs with 4.55 speed. Excellent value at pick 31 and addresses and big need for the Giants. Ran 4.69 at the combine

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Combine

The NFL combine is on the NFL Network today. There will be some player who runs an incredible 40 time and ends up moving way up team's draft boards. Several years ago, Matt Jones, an average Arkansas quarterback ran a sub 4.4 forty and became a first round draft pick at receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Somehow though, the combine workout that Matt Jones displayed in Indy has not translated into sucess on the football field. Over a decade ago Mike Mamula parlayed his combine workout into a first round choice of the Philadelphia Eagles. A pudgy slower player was taken a few picks after the Eagles selected Mamula, that player was non other than Warren Sapp. The point being that despite how smart the coaches and scouts think they are, the fact remains they are no better at picking players than the fans.

Arlen Spector

Our nation's deficit spending is out control, we are embroiled in conflicts overseas, and the economy is not doing well but leave it to Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Spector to find time to deal with the real important stuff. SPYGATE! It is not like Roger Goodell has not penalized the Patriots for filming the Jets sideline signals, the real agenda here with Mr. Spector has more to do with being a homer Philly fan than anything else. The Eagles lost to the Patriots several years ago by 3 points. Arlen Spector must think he's going to win the Iggles the Lombardi Trophy posthumously. For a city with the rudest meanest fans on the planet it would be a fitting way for the Philadelphia Eagles to win their first championship in over a quarter century. Keep up the important work Arlen, don't worry about the voters, just those Eagle fans.