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Monday, September 7, 2009

Why some teams always have a winning record

Here is a classic example of why some teams have winning records year in and year out and others are on the league's door mat. The Oakland Raiders traded a first round pick to New England for DE/DT Richard Seymour. The Patriots got the best 8 years of Seymour's career then had the moxy to cash him out for a first round pick in 2011. This is why teams like the Patriots are always well stocked with talent. They draft well and are smart enough to get some picks for an aging player but only after they got the best years of that players abilities. What this trade will do for Oakland is beyond me. Seymour is an end in a 3-4 but will switch to tackle in Oakland's 4-3. He is 30 years old, has been battling injuries, and is several years removed from his last Pro Bowl appearance. To add insult to injury there is a very good posibility that the first round pick the Raiders are giving up in 2011 will be a top ten pick.

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